Plumeknight is a coined term derived from the words plume, which is any writing material such as pen and quill, and knight which means a hero of a kingdom, defender of both the royalty and the common people. If it is analyzed literally, plumeknight is a warrior who uses the pen as his weapon, as his sword, in all of his battles. In a deeper sense, plumeknight is a medium in expressing ideas, thoughts or points of view about something which appeals to the human interest. It is the mirror that reflects the picture of the society and the silent voice which echoes its outcries, moans, merriment and jubilation.

This is an information-oriented blog in the web. It is created to offer an avenue in catering the needs of the people from all walks of life for significant informations. It promotes social responsibility, political involvement, intellectual development, literary appreciation and spiritual formation through the informations, discoveries, opinion articles, literary pieces and other features that it provides.


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