Leadership Through Student Empowerment

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Socio-political Commentary

For decades the country has been facing tremendous problems which are the 21st century version of what Rizal described in his Noli Me Tangere as “cancer of the society,” problems which, like the hero’s immortal novel, have something to do with political atrocities, social inequality, and moral decadence.

Thus, the government on its part is always in the flight towards solving these problems. National and local officials often claim that they commit themselves in catering the welfare of the people through projects and programs being implemented by each administration. They may fail to make the nation be at par with our international neighbors, it is not solely their fault though. As democracy is the living power of the land, our country is not a state ruled by the government but a nation governed by the people. All the sectors in the society have the responsibility in attaining greater heights of development and prosperity and in helping to make our country a better place to live in.

Based on statistics, our population is composed largely by the youth. Being a part of it, I recognized the significance of the youth in shaping our country’s future. If educated well with enough skills and knowledge and equipped with wholehearted social responsibility and steadfast moral values, the youth will truly be the hope which Motherland waits for centuries.


College Student Government SY 2009-2010 of Cor Jesu College, Digos City

As an active student leader in our school, I am one of the young men and women who are doing their best to contribute something beneficial, not only to our fellow students, but to the community as well. Most of the activities and projects that I and my fellow student leaders are initiating center on promoting academic excellence, social responsibility, and spiritual maturity.

By gearing up education and not limiting its venue in the four corners of the classroom, we have able to come up with activities like workshops in computer related subjects which recognized the importance of technology in today’s era of modernization, seminars on the learning English as the universal language, and competitions that showcase the youth’s talent and skill in various fields.

To establish social responsibility, we have conducted symposia on the significance of participating in the election and being vigilant during this precious event of our country as a democratic nation, consultations with the members of the community on the impact of mining in the flora and fauna, and clean-up drives to promote the advantages of a clean surrounding in keeping a healthy and sound environment.

Above all, it is vital to uphold our spirituality by facilitating activities that give worth to the faith of every individual, activities that will make a person’s day-to-day concerns and decisions be in accordance to the heartfelt and unwavering conviction on the existence of God, His power and providence.

This is how I can best help in making our country a better place to live in by leading not others but by empowering fellow youths towards academic excellence, social responsibility, and spiritual maturity.


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