Faith: Spirituality of Love

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Philosophical Views

Growing up in faith is living a spiritually-inclined life. Being spiritual is doing what is right rather than indulging to wrongdoings. On top of this, it is valuing God’s commandments by loving Him above all things and loving others as we love ourselves. For me, it is the very core of my faith.

It may sound quite theological and yet I believe that living a spiritual life is learning to love and be loved. Knowing God, He is love, and love is His superb revelation to mankind. Love is not solely a religious norm though. It is a human instinct.

However, love is more than having the intense feeling of affection towards the opposite sex or the feeling of care and attachment to your family and friends. It is the greatest experience that a person may experience in life.

Of all the problems that are being faced by our nation, you may possibly wonder how can love help make our country a better place to live in.

Since the family has the integral role in shaping our lives, it is best to be part in making its foundation strengthened by love. By valuing love in the family, I will begin in learning to love myself. It is by doing the best in my studies, staying away from vices and trouble, and keeping a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. Through this I can be ensured with a bright future which is being a productive citizen rather than a liability of the government.

Living out love in myself makes me learn to love the society where I belong and the country in general. It helps me to become socially responsible by doing my duties as a youth like participating in the elections, abiding to prescribed laws, becoming vigilant on socio-political issues, and involving myself to school and community activities that promote the welfare of the people and the environment.

Having a loving character starting within the family makes me a loving son and brother who values respect, understanding, and kindness. Expressing love to my parents and siblings means upholding love in the family. This loving character will eventually reflect on my personality outside our home. I believe that showing this loving attitude towards my peers and all the people I may encounter in life has a significant contribution in keeping a harmonious society.

This is what true faith is- becoming spiritual by loving God and our fellows so as the world He created for us. If all of us will adhere to this faith and be religious enough in obeying His will, there is no doubt that we will find ourselves loving one another.

With my faith which is bound by the spirituality of love, I know that I shall be a part and parcel in making the country a better place to live in.


Expressing love to my parents and siblings means upholding love in the family.


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