Journey to the Waterfall Paradise

Posted: December 2, 2009 in Travel and Tourism

A glimpse into the spectacular waterfalls of Brgy. Goma,

pride of the Digos City and Davao del Sur

As the wind blows gently, the leaves of gigantic trees rustle harmoniously in symphony. Like a chorale of voices, the birds so as all the other tiny flying creatures chant an exquisite melody. From the idyllic sight of waterfalls is a subtle flowing of translucent water which creates an incomparable music of nature. All these make up the theatrical panorama of the paradise whom everyone dream of.

Amidst Davao del  Sur’s  plight to urbanization and development is a paradise hiding before the rich virgin forest of Brgy. Goma, the waterfalls capital of Digos City.

A ride of more or less 30 minutes from the heart of the city, Sittio Napan is the reference  point of this soul-captivating destination. From there, one must walk for about two hours to reach the first magnificent scenery, the Lagbong Falls. Its bluish-green water offers an inviting aura to tourist; somewhat like teasing them to swim and feel its relaxing sensation.

To reach the next scenic spot, one should climb the steeps cliff besides  the  falls. A walk for a few minutes in the cool shallow-watered stream will take you to the rocky wall-like banks from both sides of the stream. Upon passing those amazing natural structures, a shoulder-deep river connected to the previous stream must be passed to get into the marvelous neighborhood of waterfalls, the Tamadang Falls in the east facing Nagsanga Falls in the west. The two is like sisters which share the  same river to fill water. As the sun boasts its effulgence, a breathtaking sight of nature’s splendor is formed out of the sunbeam sifted by the crowd of trees surrounding the two waterfalls. It is truly an epitome of the immortal craft of the Almighty

After climbing another steep cliff beside Nagsanga Falls, a natural masterpiece delicately design to allure and delight hearts will welcome the tourists. Mahilak Falls, named after its dramatic flow o water , is a perfect haven for fun and solitude. Its tears-like current flowing from the mountains soothes even your very soul. Indeed, it’s a quixotic portrait of a mystery-filled art of nature.

Another attraction is the nerve-cracking Pinaypay Falls. The falls could be reached by climbing the 20 -40 meters  high creek beside the Tamadang Falls. Its muddy and vine-covered route of 150-170 degrees slope is definitely a one-of-a-kind experience. Upon reaching the top, a stream lined with pines, ferns, and rainforest trees of different varieties will capture your whole being. Because of its unquestionable magnificence, you will surely find yourself becoming like a child as you play in its two-storey water formation.

Meters away, behind those thick bushes of trees above Pinaypay  Falls are the four stunning Magkasilin Falls. A climb in the cliff is the entrance to its portals. After a walk inside the seemingly tunnel of trees roofed with branches and leaves and walled with moss-dressed trunk, the first Magkasilin Falls awaits humbly for its visitors.

The place is so tranquil and calm. Only the chirping of birds and the sounds of the various species of insects could be heard. It seems that it holds a thousand secret tales  of fairies, muses, and nymphs. On the other hand, one needs to climb the cliff beside the latter and walk for a moment in a cool-watered stream in order to bear witness the wondrous beauty of Magkasilin Falls III.

The last falls, the Magkasilin Falls IV is located in the last sittio of Brgy. Goma.  The mountains next to it are its boundary to the southwestern sittios of  Brgy. Kapatagan. Among of its best features are the heartwarming array of birds’ nests in the huge rocks above the falls and its almost 40-foot height perfect for an adventurous water-rappelling.

From Sittio Napan going to Magkasilin Falls IV, there is more or less 15 kilometers of hike and climb. No wonder why the it is chosen to be the venue of the Annual Climb- Penek Busay organized by the Digos Active Mountaineers (DAM) and Kagrupo Outdoor Shop, and sponsored by the local officials. In fact, the local government has been formulating plans to allocate funds for the development of the said tourist attractions.

Who knows that amidst Davao del Sur’s plight towards socio-economic improvement, this waterfall paradise of Brgy. Goma situated in the womb of the affluent forest of Digos will be a great wonder and pride, not just of the province nor of Mindanao, but of the country as well.


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