A Young Man’s Confession

Posted: November 23, 2009 in Philosophical Views

Plume Knight

Imagine a stream which flows under an arched woods.

You hear no noise from it, only silence and serenity.

Beneath its waters is something irresistible,

quixotic, surprising, unexpected. . . . . someone like me.

Behind those innocent looking eyes is a soul full of passion

for God, family and friends. Those humble smile mirrors a man of

pure heart and a conviction to love and be loved. Hiding next

to that silhouette of simplicity is a modern-day knight

with no sword and armor, just brilliance, confidence and faith

who’s willing to be in the battlefield of warriors if it’s

worth a night with his princess before the lambent moonlight.

This is the portrait of a man of wisdom, humility, vigor,

and sensuous sexuality, the epitome of a flaming specie of Adam.

The one whose passionate kisses and touches soothe even

up to the soul of a woman, whose sweet manly moans and hoarse

whispers of pleasure is a music to a lady’s very core,

whose masculinity is as powerful as wildness

but plays as gentle as a symphony of romance.

This is what the man in me makes my whole being. . .

to be beyond knowledge and ideas, beyond ethics and morale,

beyond beauty and maleness, beyond sensuality and seduction.

After all, I’m a typical guy who knows what fun and adventure are,

makes every heart be filled with merriment

through humor and affection, shares social views

and sound opinions, and creates incredible memories

out of ordinary ones. But then, I’m not more than a guy,

I’m just a boy starting to be a man.

[Glitterfy.com – *Glitter Words*]


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